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Plant-Based JouRNey on a Budget

Ready to introduce plant-based foods into your diet?

Start by enhancing your current diet by adding more fruits, vegetables, and grains to your routine. You can add a piece of fruit to your breakfast routine or find ways to add vegetables to your current meals.

Meatless Mondays

Start a tradition on Mondays to have meals without meat.


Replace beef on Taco Tuesdays! Check out our yummy recipe on Budget JouRNey’s IG.


Use quinoa, bulger or other grain as base. Add veggies, tofu, or beans. Great to prepare the night before and take as lunch or dinner to work.

Nice Cream

Use frozen bananas in a high-speed blender instead of buying expensive ice cream!

Portobello Burger

Season with balsamic and crushed garlic and top with standard burger toppings like lettuce, tomato, etc. I personally love to add avocado!


Use a sweet potato and black bean mixture instead of chicken or beef (check out

our recipe on IG!).


Freeze fresh fruit before it goes bad to preserve and use in fruit smoothies!

Plant-Based Milk

Substitute cow’s milk with Almond, Oat, Cashew, Coconut, and other alternatives.

Cook at Home

Eating out can be incredibly expensive! Leave restaurants for date nights and special occasions.

Take Small Steps…

What small step can you make today?

Changing behaviors with nutrition and finances isn’t easy. Taking small steps towards your wellness will ensure you stick with habits. A mentor or coach can help guide you through the process and provide support and motivation to help you on your wellness jouRNey. Budget JouRNey is a company that embraces the power of plant-based nutrition and welcomes introducing clients to plant-based eating without breaking the budget as part of their wellness JouRNey!

You can find an abundance of recipes on Instagram or other social media sources.

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